Post #1


Dear diary,

It has been seven months since my last acting gig. 

Unless you count that indie film I worked on last month. I went in to get photographed so they could superimpose the face of an older and more famous actress on my body. Didn't find out about the whole "we won't be using your real face" bit until I was already on set. I thought I was really playing a younger version of the actress. But no, they just needed my youthful body. My spirit died a little bit. and so did my body image because they had to slice open the back of the pants they wanted me to wear because my calves were too big to fit.

...That still counts though, right? I mean, production paid me right there in cash out of a drawer labeled "Petty Cash." So I did "work" as an "actor."

so ...I'm gonna say that still counts. It has been one month since my last acting gig.