Hell House LLC

Even if you are sick of this style of horror making, Hell House LLC is the last hurrah, a final fantastic deep gorgeous breath of a dying genre, that’s not only one of the best horrors of 2016, but also one of the best found footage horrors ever made!
— Horror Cult Films UK

There have been a few diamonds in the rough, though, and thankfully Stephen Cognetti’s Hell House LLC is one of those rare gems....Somewhere between Paranormal Activity 3 and The Devil Inside, found footage horror films stopped being fun. This is where Hell House LLC steps in and breathes new life into the sub-genre.
— Daily Dead
The acting across Hell House LLC is very well done. It would be fair to say that Hell House LLC has no real standout star, but is rather the product of a great team effort and performance by the entire ensemble cast that makes up the film...Lauren A. Kennedy performs wonderfully in her role as Melissa, the temporary actress hired to work in the haunt.
— Found Footage Critic

This is what movie magic is all about. This is what found footage should be like...Hell House LLC is guaranteed to make you cover your eyes at least once. It’s genius in that, like The Blair Witch Project, you don’t get a glimpse at the evil until the very end of the movie. There’s a very primal fear of not knowing what’s attacking you and why and that’s going to disturb you here. You’re going to be so disturbed, in fact, that you’ll watch the whole thing in complete silence, fearing what’s about to come next. Anyone can make a horror film, but few people can make something that’s actually scary. This is scary.
— Horror Society

Throughout, the build up of tension and suspense is exquisite...You’ll be sat on the edge of your seat, and driven into a nail biting frenzy. The atmosphere of suspense in the film, is reminiscent of techniques used to perfection, by the likes of John Carpenter...There is a lot of talent being showcased in this film, and they should all be very proud of what they’ve made.
— UK Horror Scene

The movie works because the cast works. Because Hell House isn’t hung up on effects, the story needs to be carried forward by the characters. This means the cast needs to be on point and I’m very happy to say that they all do amazing work.
— Heaven of Horror

Above all other films to earn mention in this article, HELL HOUSE LLC is the most frightening. It may not be the be best technically executed pic, but it is certainly refined, it’s certainly enjoyable, and it’s a fantastic example of the new wave of high caliber found footage features being produced these days.
— Blumhouse - A New Wave of Intelligent Found Footage: 5 Films You Need to See

Aside from the atmosphere, the characters and the acting keep the film steady. Found footage, almost more than any other sub-genre of horror, benefits from strong performances. The characters and their relationships here give credibility to the story, making it all feel real.
— Father Son Holy Gore